star wars galaxy of heroes hack

star wars galaxy of heroes hack

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes will be offered in fact as a freemium title. Critics are now disdainfully frown, and also AppGamers are too happy that we are usually a bit skeptical about freemium games. At least then, if the player has to buy the numerous existing in-app offers compelling, so he wants to make progress in the game. That’s not the case with Galaxy of Heroes. You can have lots of fun with the game, without having to spend money.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a RPG fighting game where the player leads a team of galactic hero in countless battles. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, there are really representing all heroes, anti-heroes, characters and races in the game. And they look good, really great. This also applies for the entire game, and in special for the scenes of battles. Unbelievable, how detailed it all looks.


The game features a single player campaign, real hardcore gamers, however, will probably support as soon as possible to the Arena, so the multiplayer mode. Rightly so this adds even more fun than the single missions, and there is only there especially good pawns to win. Because that’s the point in the game: build a team of heroes and as strong as possible to win all the battles victorious.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes starts with a tutorial. This is made fabulous, gives introductory tips and also looks great from. To set the mood of the player receives two data cards. In our case it was a warrior and a healer, which is a good combination. Then comes the first fight, which is obtained naturally. The tutorial will explain at this point that fights are important in order to gain experience points, crystals, Splitter, credits and other objects.


Crystals are a currency in the game, with the purchase of new players datacards and so can enhance his team. Upcoming Fights this exercise. Quick is recognized that in the enemy units or the healer should be turned off first. Logically, that we know from similar games. Then a training robot comes into play, with its own hero can be trained. So they get faster on the level.

Even the players can rise in the level. In the starting phase of the games even goes pretty fast. Each ascent brings “energy bonus”, thus prolonging the season without annoying waiting periods. In order for the tutorial of the game has ended and the user has to go on your own. What follows is the registry that a “founding Pack” gives players a free Widerstandtruppler. Well there you go, the game is now really begins.


In the initial phase of the Games, it seems important, as much as possible to play, to quickly level up.It is important to note that Level and missions can be repeated as often and always bring rewards in the form of crystals and other currencies. Certainly, this is a boring way to play that quick rises in level but this is justified.

Tip: 200 free crystals waving the player who rated the game on the App Store.

Equipment, items and weapons will improve the hero. For this purpose, each character has six slots.If these stocked with objects, they increase direct combat values ​​as strength and intelligence, and thus the overall combat power of the player character. The equipment is therefore of enormous significance. They can be found in struggle and bought expensive for game currency.


As the game progresses there is a new game mode added: The so-called “Hard Mode”. Players can collect in this “character Splitter” and activate these new characters. Thus, this mode is very important to progress in the game. However, there is one more game mode, waiting in the exclusive characters. We’re talking about arena fights, so from the multiplayer mode.

The multiplayer or Arena mode is certainly the most exciting part of the game. The user can here compete against other players around the world and earn character Splitter and Arena tokens. With which it is then possible to obtain exclusive and really strong pawns. According to the publisher’s specific figures, only the Arena mode can be earned. Another option is not there.

Tip: A Sign in with Facebook brings additional 200 crystals.

That was the first part of our series about Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Morning appear the second article in which it is amplified go to the Arena mode to cheat and to advanced tips and tricks to build the strongest possible team.

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