wizard101 crown generator free download

wizard101 crown generator free download

In case you do no tknow already, Wizard101 is a huge MMORPG game that has players playing the roles of students of wizardry and saving their fictional world from the bad enemies by battling with them. There are spells, there is a whole lot of magic and in a nutshell- this game provides a very addictive experience- Especially for those of us who are the fans of the Harry Potter series.

For those of us who have started playing the game recently and even those who have been at it for a while, the difficulties one can face in playing the game without spending a lot of money are rather apparent. Sure you don not need to upgrade to a membership and can merely buy a few crowns as and when you want but as any experienced player will tell you- this expenditure can become substantial in no time at all and before too long you will find yourself trying to cut corners and save money that you would have spent on other things in your life.

Sure, it is considered free to play but we all know how monotonous playing the same area again and again can get and well there’s no secret about what we need, to unlock new areas- Crowns. Sometimes it is a never ending loop. After all, how many times can you convince grandma to buy you just another gift coupon?

wizard101 crown generator free download

Other people choose to opt for a paid membership, which provides you with a whole bunch of Wizard101 member benefits. To start with you have the ability to roam wherever you please. Then you also get access to ranked PvP matches, the ability for faster energy regeneration, a bigger list of friends, exclusive emotes, the ability to report someone offensive, larger backpacks castes & lands, ranked derby races, limited time double benefits &rewards and the highly coveted ability to craft at a advanced level and faster.

A member can also post on the message boards and in general, a membership is considered to be the best way to experience the most that this game has to offer. The only problem with membership is that it costs $10 a month and not all of us have that money to spare on a monthly basis. What can you do? Is there no other option?

There is a cheat!!

Every game ever made in the history of the world has cheats and Easter eggs. It is just a matter of how and when they are exploited for ulterior gains. The Wizard101 team recently updated their API and luckily our programmers were able to find an exploit that we have not seen talked about anywhere else as of yet. While we are keeping the exploit a closely guarded secret (so as to not alert the Wizard101 team) we have decided to make its benefits available to everyone. It is just like getting yourself a paid membership without having to fork out ten bucks for it every month.

wizard101 crown generator free download


Can the hack ruin my game or delete my Avatar?

Not at all. We are not asking for your password or any other information. In fact when you use the generator, your information is not even kept on our servers and as a result there is nothing linking your Wizard101 account back to this generator. Nobody will ever know that you cheated.

Is there a catch to this? Are you going to ask for money?

Nope. There is no catch whatsoever. Think of it like downloading pirated software- the pirates do not ask for money for the software they crack. This generator works in the same way. We are just sharing our secret exploits with the rest of the world just coz we want to.

Are there any other risks?

No there are no risks whatsoever. To be sure yourself, you can start by adding a small amount of crowns to your account to verify that the service does indeed work. We can give you a 100% guarantee that the game developers cannot link the extra crowns that get deposited to your account back to this generator whatsoever. It is entirely foolproof.If you face any errors or problems then either refresh the page or open the link in another browser. If you still have problems then contact us on email. Remember that tens of thousands of users have already used this generator to get loads of crowns in their game and all those people can not possibly be lying about it.Can you even imagine what you would do with so many extra crowns? Why wait more. Get started and enjoy your game in a better way.

wizard101 crown generator free download

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